Learning Curves And Karma

By JC Lynne

If you haven’t noticed, Northern Colorado Writers had transitioned to a new website format. The backend of the new site is really what precipitated the move. What’s the old adage about making sausage? Um, yeah. The features behind the scenes will, touch wood, offer us an opportunity to streamline all manner of things.

That said, yes, it’s giving us fits as well!

Notification preferences are hard to figure out. The opportunity to participate in Groups and Forums is excellent and means we can move away from Slack. Joining a group or commenting on a discussion forum doesn’t always mean you’ll receive updates.

There are a couple of places you can subscribe to updates, and one of those is in the email preference video, but the other is under the Forum Actions tab that shows up in the mid-right of the screen.

One of the handy things in the member area is several different navigation links in other areas. Need to get back to the forum page? Looking for a team member to answer your question? There is a quick link tab that can help.

There is a possibility of getting confused in terms of the use of the newsletter. The only place to change the email receipt of The Write Stuff, our monthly newsletter chock full of great information, is in your email preferences. But, there are places to subscribe to a newsletter in several different areas.

Each group has an option for a newsletter subscription. This would be information and updates directly related to the group.

Stick with it because progress is always slow in the beginning.

Like the autocorrect on smartphones, things will improve while using the new site. The beauty of the new system is everything is in one location. Looking for a class or event is as easy as clicking on the tab. Registration is in the same place on the calendar. Events are clearly marked if they are exclusive to members or available to everyone.

Most people feel a general rage when it comes to learning curves: changes in website user interfaces, new phone updates, or even dealing with a strange coffee maker when not in your own space.

Building new dendrites is critical to healthy brain function. Meeting with intellectually challenging people, listening to music outside of your norm, and yes, learning new skills.

Sure, Wordle may be more satisfying.

Add tackling the new NCW website to your list and grow those dendrites.

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