Brian Kaufman (he/him) is curriculum editor for an online junior college. He has published four novels, two textbooks and a number of novellas. His most recent novel, The Fat Lady’s Low, Sad Song, was chosen as a Kirkus’ “Indy Pick” for September. In other universes, Brian is a pro wrestler, a radio talk show host or a heavy metal guitarist. In this universe, he lives with his wife and dog in the Colorado mountains, avoiding moderation and any pretense of maturity. 

Shelley Widhalm (she/her/hers) is a freelance writer and editor who has written a few novels and short stories and a writing guide, “50 Tips for First-Time Authors.” She offers copy editing and proofreading through Shell’s Ink Services. Writing takes study, practice and multiple revisions and editing rounds to make it great. It needs freedom to explore and discover without too much worry about genre and structure—that comes later!

Dave E. Sharp he/him) is a noisy librarian. He is the author of Lost on A Page, a speculative fiction novel that plays on genres. He writes short stories, stage plays, and the occasional sticky note. He enjoys connection readers to new authors and encouraging authors to create new work for their readers.

Katie Lewis (they/them) is an avid lover of science-fiction and fantasy and particularly enjoys comparing cultural differences in storytelling. They strive to subvert reader’s expectations and take any opportunity to turn a trope on its head. They love breaking rules to turn a potentially familiar plot into something new and exciting.

JC Lynne (she/her) holds a BS in Aviation and Aerospace Management from Metropolitan State University of Denver, a BA in English, and an M.Ed in Education Education, both from Colorado State University. After ten years as an air traffic controller, she shifted to education, where she spent twelve years teaching Language Arts, Writing, and Film.

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