How to Make Friends And Be Influenced BY People

By Katie Lewis Other writers are one of the best and arguably most overlooked tools at a writer’s disposal. I’m about as reclusive as they come, and even I will admit it’s worth it to network, even if it’s hard. There are plenty of ways to reach that goal. Some involve organized events, and someContinue reading “How to Make Friends And Be Influenced BY People”

Where’s Leonard Nemoy When You Need Him?

(In Search of . . . A Good Book) By David E. Sharp After closing the cover on my latest literary conquest, I set the book aside. I let my opinion settle on the story I had just read. It was all right. It kept my attention enough to see me through to the end.Continue reading “Where’s Leonard Nemoy When You Need Him?”

You Already Know What You Already Know

By Renate Hancock Overcome the obstacles in your writing life with four simple steps you already know. You can stop reading right now if: Keep reading if you’re a writer who sneaks past your WIP to search writing blogs for courage and inspiration.

A Matter of More

By Brian Kaufman As a baby, my parents liked to tell me how I heard my first violin and burst into tears. The pure, rich tones sound more like a human voice than any other instrument, except maybe a blue guitar note. That’s why emotional scenes in movies make use of an orchestral background. That’sContinue reading “A Matter of More”

Supporting Your Supporting Cast

By David E. Sharp No director would ever cast me as Hamlet. In my theatrical days, I played a multitude of characters. Some were friendly, and others were malicious. Some were courageous, and others were cowardly. Some were clever, but most were foolish. I wish some were ruggedly handsome, but the directors always cast otherContinue reading “Supporting Your Supporting Cast”

A New Way to Revise

By Renate Hancock You’ve finished the rough draft. You congratulate yourself on typing The End. Whoo hoo! Break out the champagne! What a feeling of accomplishment. You bask in it for a quick minute, then recognize precisely what that means. Next step: revising. Ugh. Your jubilation fades. How are you ever going to get throughContinue reading “A New Way to Revise”

Keep Moving Forward

By Brian Kaufman In baseball, they call it the sophomore jinx. After a great rookie season, many players need help to repeat their initial success. In music, they call it the second album syndrome. After spending years perfecting songs for a debut album, the record company books studio time, and the band is rushed to record aContinue reading “Keep Moving Forward”

More Than Simply A Number

By Katie Lewis Humans like finite answers. It’s a trait we all share. How many people live in your house? How many beans are in the jar? How many types of stories exist in the world? Something is pleasing about putting a number to these questions. However, the answer to the last can vary fromContinue reading “More Than Simply A Number”

Pitches And Falling Elevators

By Renate Hancock I stood in front of the elevator watching the lights above the door illuminate one by one. Snow melted from my boots onto the floor beside my suitcase. I pulled my laptop case from my shoulder and stretched my neck, rolling my head from side to side.   I’d made it through aContinue reading “Pitches And Falling Elevators”