Evolution of A Writer

By Brian Kaufman How do people end up as writers anyway? There isn’t a universal answer. The question, analogous to “How the hell did I get here?” seems worth rumination. My personal response has many facets, like a diamond. Or a 20-sided game die. A lot of my early efforts were mirrored later in myContinue reading “Evolution of A Writer”

Order! Order in the Manuscript!

By Katie Lewis Recently, my little sister asked for my advice about a novel she’s been planning for a while. As a person with ADHD, she struggles to complete tasks in general, especially when they must be done in a specific order. Knowing this, my first and most vital suggestion was that she not attempt to writeContinue reading “Order! Order in the Manuscript!”

Where Does Your Writing Fit?

By David E. Sharp I stumbled on an article on genre by Amy Rivers, Director of Writing Heights Writing Association that resonated with me. It describes a familiar struggle. A writer gets an idea, follows the inspiration, turns it into a story, and now must shove an original work into a predefined mold. And who is theContinue reading “Where Does Your Writing Fit?”

One Overwhelming Reason To Write

(Even Though It’s All Been Said Before) By Renate Hancock Writing isn’t a piece of cake because we all know it isn’t. It’s hard. It takes energy, discipline, and creativity to create something fresh and engaging enough that someone else will want to read it. And you know what they say: “It’s all been said before.” SoContinue reading “One Overwhelming Reason To Write”

Book Peddlers

By Brian Kaufman If you’re writing a novel, you almost certainly want to see it published. Before the contract is signed, you’ll struggle with the writing process—the elements of craft, from plot to setting. Once your book is edited, you’ll wrestle query letters, a synopsis, and another round of edits if your book is acceptedContinue reading “Book Peddlers”

Shaking The New Year Up

By Katie Lewis As a young child, I filled notebooks with stories based on my favorite television shows and movies. Digimon, Pokémon, and The Land Before Time. In fourth grade, I wrote a horrifically unscientific murder mystery starring Scully and Mulder of The X-Files for a short story assignment. I was twelve when I began posting my stories online forContinue reading “Shaking The New Year Up”

The Year I Wrote for Myself

By Katie Lewis Looking back at 2022, I’m tempted to be disappointed by how much I wrote (or rather how little). Every year brings new challenges, both to life and in writing. This year had different challenges from last year, so comparing the two is only partially fair. While I may not have produced theContinue reading “The Year I Wrote for Myself”

Tail Spinning through Tale Spinning

By David E. Sharp Gripping the reins of my imagination, I pull them back with a white-knuckle grip, desperate to gain altitude before this whole thing crashes into the dark, cold ocean of dejection and everything goes to pieces. My caffeine gauge hovers over empty. My single operational engine sputters and sparks. How did itContinue reading “Tail Spinning through Tale Spinning”

Writing My Way Through 2022

By Shelley Widhalm In 2020, I was pretty much done with writing, overwhelmed with trying to keep my freelance writing and editing business afloat and supplementing it with a gig grocery store job.  Despite my sort of giving up, I still went to conferences and belonged to writing groups like Northern Colorado Writers (see https://northerncoloradowriters.com).Continue reading “Writing My Way Through 2022”